Battle Royal 4: Quest for Glory

The Battle Royal pro boxing tournament pits young rookie fighters against each other in exciting 4-round bouts, culminating in a 6-round final for each weight class. The well-organized competition is put on by Boxing Management, here in South Korea.

There are six weight classes competing this year, and Big Bang Boxing has entered two fighters.

Welterweight (147lbs)

Anthony "'Lil Amp" Stonewall (debut) was supposed to make his pro debut on February 16th of this year, but coronavirus concerns caused all sporting events to be cancelled or postponed. Stonewall is chomping at the bit for the opportunity to get in the ring, and show everyone what he is capable of.

Lightweight (135lbs)

"Precious" Peter Park (4-0) is undefeated, and has no problem making the lightweight limit. He is slick boxer that can also go to war at a moment's notice. He has been spending this training camp focusing on building brute strength, and you can see the results of his labor in the above photo.

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