My Three Favorite Boxers


When I was a kid, I loved heavyweight boxing. Back then, EVERYONE knew who the champ was. It was "Iron" Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson was the self-proclaimed "Baddest Man on the Planet", and he was great for boxing. He was ferocious and INDESTRUCTIBLE. He brought many people to the sport, including me. We were all amazed by the clips of his workout regimen that would play before his fights, and we all watched in awe as he knocked his opponents out, early in the fights.


Watching Mike Tyson fights, I got to learn about other heavyweight boxers, such as Larry Holmes, and Razor Ruddock. And after Mike Tyson started his three-year jail sentence, I became an Evander Holyfield fan. He had an awesome body, and I loved his hard-hitting fan-fighting style. His one-punch knockout of Buster Douglas was a beauty, and I play that fight often on the the monitor of my boxing gym. He was never scared to fight bigger men, as demonstrated in his trilogy with Riddick Bowe.


When I was in my last year of high school, I bought a boxing magazine to read more about the boxers I loved so much. Lots of articles about the glamorous heavyweight division, but strangely, the free poster that came with the magazine featured a middleweight: James Toney.

I didn't know who James Toney was, and I didn't even read the accompanying story about him. It wasn't until a year later that I saw him on TV. Wow... it was beautiful! James Toney was standing in front of the dangerous Iran Barkley, and making Iran Barkley miss everything. And when he missed, James Toney would make him PAY. It was amazing. I began studying James Toney and trying my best to fight like him, but honestly, I wasn't even close. I decided that I WOULD use his shoulder roll though, from time-to-time.

Don't know what a shoulder-roll is? Come to Big Bang Boxing and we'll teach you!

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